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What Price Hearing?

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During my last visit with my counsellor, she asked me a very astute question. ‘What price do you pay to be in the hearing world?’ This was something I had never considered before and it required considerable thought over the following weeks. The conclusion that I eventually came to was that I pay a very heavy price to communicate in the hearing world.

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Anne's Story

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In 2013 I had an operation that changed my life in so many ways – I received a Cochlear Implant in my left ear.


I have a hereditary hearing loss.  I have some hearing in my right ear and am borderline profoundly deaf in my left ear. My father and grandmother were hearing impaired; my sister, nephew and uncle each wear hearing aids.

New version of our Hearing Guide

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Hearing Guide


We have recently updated the Hearing Loss and Hearing Solutions guidebook. It now has additional information on bone-anchored (BAHA) devices.

Clicking the link below will open the guide in a new window - you can still save it from there.

If you would prefer to save a copy to your computer for reading later, just right mouse-click the link and choose 'Save Link As' to your preferred folder/directory. The guide has 57 pages and is 2.28MB in size.

You can go right to it from here