• Learning to speak with an implant's help
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Faye's Tips and Hints

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Faye Yarroll received her first cochlear implant in 2005 and her second in 2007. Today, Faye has bilateral cochlear implants and is an active member of the Cochlear Awareness Network in Australia. Faye shares her tips and hints to help other recipients. read the whole story via this link.

Become a Cicada member

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For a life-time membership fee of $10, you can join CICADA Australia Inc., which entitles you to receive CICADA magazine - the NSW ‘Buzz’ newsletter and the opportunity to participate in events.

Please note that the "BUZZ" newsletter is only available by post within Australia.

Copies of "BUZZ" are also posted to this web-site and are available to read on-line or download for off-line reading on a computer.

This link gives a PDF version of the membership form, which can be printed out prior to completion.

CICADA Memberships

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The Cicada Australia Inc. membership form is now available from the web-site. There is a separate menu item above "Members" which takes to the download link, where you will find a printable version of the form for your convenience.

It is only $10 for a life-time membership, which gives you access to a posted copy of the NSW "BUZZ" newsletter. as well as the opportunity to participate in events hosted by CICADA NSW. Note that "BUZZ" is not available for overseas mailing.

There are also links to the other CICADA groups throughout Australia, which you can find by choosing the State Groups menu item.