CICADA facts

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Here are some interesting facts about CICADA.

  • While CICADA Australia Inc. is now an organisation which aims to help as many hearing impaired Australians to find the right hearing solution for them (whether it be hearing aids through to implantable devices or a combination of both) it started when hearing technology was very much in its infancy!
  • On 1st August 1978 Professor Graeme Clark undertook the first experimental Cochlear operation in Melbourne. Just 4 years later, the first production model Cochlear implant was implanted in Sydney in 1982.
  • CICADA Australia Inc. began in 1984 as a support organization in NSW to help new cochlear implantees. At the time there were only 12 implantees. Implant surgeon Prof. Bill Gibson came up with the name intending that it should stand for "Cochlear Implant Club and Deafness Association". However none of the newly implanted people felt they were still deaf, so a compromise was reached. The title later came to stand for "Cochlear Implant Club and ADvisory Association".
    • CICADA Australia Inc. has now dropped the explanation as it implies a bias towards cochlear implants which doesn't exist for this organisation.
    • there are so many external and internal devices available today to help with the multitude of different deafness causes.
    • CICADA Australia Inc. has members with hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing devices, middle ear implant system and other devices.

  • From those early days CICADA has grown from a small Sydney based group to independent CICADA groups worldwide
    • there are independent CICADA groups in Australia: NSW, QLD, SA, WA; United Kingdom: Manchester

  • CICADA Australia Inc. also has professional members - audiologist, audiomotrists, surgeons