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CICADA provides support to hearing impaired Australians through information, education and social events:

Live Transcripts

International Cochlear Implant Day

  1. BUZZ magazine and state newsletters
  2. information, understanding, practical advice
  3. sharing first-hand, personal experiences
  4. presentations, lectures and workshops
  5. social functions, BBQs and dinners
  6. internet forums and chat groups
  7. working with manufacturers and clinics in Australia/NZ
  8. financial support of clinics in metropolitan and country areas
  9. links with organizations for the deaf and hearing impaired
  10. helping to lobby governments and health funds re policies

Cicada Committee

CICADA Australia Inc is a registered charity and volunteer organization helping hearing impaired Australians find a tailor-made hearing solution for them.  We are incorporated in NSW, with our CICADA Club Room located in the grounds of Old Gladesville Hospital Building 39 in Sydney.

We are affiliated with many social groups and independent CICADA associations in other states and regions of Australia.

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New membership Form April 2018For a life-time membership fee of $10, you can join CICADA Australia Inc., which entitles you to receive CICADA magazine - the NSW ‘Buzz’ newsletter and the opportunity to participate in events.

Please note that the "BUZZ" newsletter is only available by post within Australia.

Copies of "BUZZ" are also posted to this website and are available to read online or download for off-line reading on a computer.

Membership Form - a PDF version which can be printed out prior to completion.

Have you been thinking about volunteering your skills and making a real difference to the lives of people who need a helping hand?  Volunteer work can provide you with diversity and new skills as well as great satisfaction from sharing and encouraging others and knowing you're making a difference.

CICADA Australia Inc. is a completely independent non-profit support organisation staffed by volunteers. Our aim is to help hearing impaired Australians achieve the optimum, tailor-made solution to improve their hearing.

Our plans are big - they need to be. There is no one organisation, no one place, no one website, where a hearing impaired Australian can go to get all the information about the different options available to improve hearing. There is plenty of information out there if you have hours and hours, a lot of patience and the skill to sleuth it down.

We aim to change that. To be the place any hearing impaired Australian can turn to for unbiased, independent information on all their options to find a solution that is right for them - no hidden agendas.

Our plans are big - and we need help!

We'd LOVE to hear from you if you can help - in any way - big or small.  Please email us by clicking here.

Or if you'd like to help but aren't able to give your time we'd be very grateful for any financial donation you can offer and as a registered charity all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

CICADA Australia Inc. aims to help as many hearing impaired Australians as possible.

We are an organisation of people who've experienced the frustration and difficulty of collecting all the information on the wide range of options to try to work out what is best for us. And sometimes we've taken decisions only to find later other options were open to us.

So we've decided to bring all the information about the various options to help your hearing to one place, and because our members range from people with hearing aids through to implanted devices we are able to provide first hand knowledge of the experience.

No-one can explain better what it is like to be deaf or hearing impaired and how a technology has worked than a person who has experienced it.

While doctors and audiologists can tell you the procedures involved and what results may be achieved, they cannot add the dimension of personal experience. Furthermore, CICADA Australia Inc. members have experienced severe or total hearing loss and its impact on families and friends – an issue not readily understood by those unaffected or by the general community.

This sensitivity of people familiar with deafness and its everyday impacts, and with technologies that have improved their hearing, makes them well suited to provide support, advice and companionship.

It is quite different and complementary to what audiologist, clinicians and surgeons can provide. Our members have found it valuable to meet with people (and their families) who've experienced the technology or been through the procedure they're considering.

Join us today and let us support you into the future.

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Become a Cicada member
For only A$10 for life, you will receive a copy of Buzz magazine and can attend events.

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Here is a link to Deafblindness support and information.
They are based in Western Australia and supported by Senses Australia.

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Vision Statement: “For all young people who are deaf to reach their potential in life.”

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