Meet the Committee




Sue Walters is the current President of CICADA AUSTRALIA and one of the founding members.

Sue lost her hearing and balance completely from meningococcal meningitis at the age of 22 and received the first experimental cochlear implant in Sydney in 1984 and bilateral implant in 2005.

Having benefited so much from her own experience, Sue is enthusiastic about working with others to share the joy of  sound. She would love to see active CICADA peer support groups all across Australia, so that people might share their stories to build awareness of cochlear implants and help others to achieve their best. Sue was awarded OAM on Australia Day 2019 for her work in advocacy.

Sue is deeply grateful for the camaraderie and dedication of the Sydney CICADA group that provide such a warm welcome at all their social gatherings and a valuable network of advocates.



Judy Cassell is the Secretary of CICADA Australia Inc.

Overnight Judy lost hearing in her right ear. It was the result of an ear infection on the second day into a three months long service leave holiday in Europe. Twelve months later hearing in her left ear started to deteriorate. Six months later she was completely deaf.

Following her implant operation in 1996, she joined CICADA. She found great support from its members, particularly in the important early days.

It has become like a large family to her and working on the committee gives her the opportunity to give back for the miracle of hearing.


Meet Chris Boyce, a true treasure within the CICADA community. As a dedicated member and committee representative for over two decades, Chris has been an integral part of the club's success and growth. Her unwavering commitment and passion for helping others have left a lasting impact on the lives of countless cochlear implant recipients.

Chris' selflessness is evident in her numerous contributions to the club. From helping to organise morning teas and BBQs to fostering a sense of camaraderie among members, she ensures that everyone feels welcome and valued. Beyond her social contributions, Chris also handles the club's financial matters with meticulous care, ensuring that the accounts are always up to date and transparent.