Moira Kirby - Newcastle CICADA Coordinator

My name is Moira Kirby and I live in Newcastle NSW. I experienced a rapid decline in my hearing over 10 years.  I tried hearing aids but became a recipient of my first cochlear implant 8 years ago.

Working as a full-time medical receptionist, I believe, helped me after my switch-on to retrain my brain to work with the implant.

As of September 2021, I am now a second implant recipient. The efficiency of this technology has helped me enormously to come from deafness darkness to deafness sunshine.  and no longer think of myself as being deaf.

My passion for Cochlear Implants meant that when approached to co-ordinate a Newcastle CICADA support group I had no hesitation. I love to help and guide participants with information. I tell my journey and experience in the hope it helps others to make their decisions.

If you’re in the Newcastle area and would like to find out what it is like to have a cochlear implant visit our events calendar >. Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re investigating your options or you have a cochlear implant and want to connect with others with similar experiences. We also welcome parents of children who are implant recipients or considering an implant.