Our Story


CICADA Australia Inc is a registered charity and volunteer organization helping and supporting, hearing impaired Australians who use Cochlear implants to hear.

CICADA is here to help you wherever you are in your cochlear implant journey, whether you are just starting to research hearing technology, or are a seasoned user looking for ways to connect with like-minded people.

At CICADA Australia we believe those who have first-hand experience with a Cochlear implant can best explain what it is like to be deaf or hearing impaired and how technology has worked for them.
We embrace people from all walks of life.

Incorporated in NSW, our CICADA Club Room is located in the grounds of the Old Gladesville Hospital Building 39 in Sydney.
We are affiliated with many social groups and other CICADA associations in other states and regions of Australia.


A word from Sue Walters our President.....